Yorkshire: Harrogate Circuit Reverse

13.83 km
245.2 m
Lead-in distance
0.02 km
Lead-in ascent
0 m
Level required
Event only?
0 m 50 m 100 m 150 m 200 m 0 km 2.8 km 5.5 km 8.3 km 11.1 km 13.8 km Yorkshire Sprint Reverse 400 m Yorkshire KOM Reverse 1.2 km, 3.8%

Segments on route

SegmentTypeDirectionDistance (on route)Average incline
Yorkshire Sprint ReverseSprintReverse400 m (2.3 - 2.7 km)-
Yorkshire KOM Reverse / Yorkshire QOM ReverseClimbReverse1.2 km (3.7 - 4.9 km)3.8%

Upcoming group workouts on route

SZR Groupworkouts by Aktivitus
Yorkshire: Harrogate Circuit Reverse
2021-01-28 18:301h 13m106
1.0-5.0 W/kg

Aktivitus Power & Endurance 12

Workout overview

Duration: 1h 13m

Stress points: 106

Zone distribution

Z1: 20m

Z2: 10m

Z3: 7m

Z4: 20m

Z5: -

Z6: 16m


Author: Aktivitus Testklinik & Coaching

This training concept is the result of analyzing, measuring and coaching more than 15 000 clients at Aktivitus Testlink & Coaching. Aktivitus is the leading company in Sweden in sport performance and coaching. Aktivitus was established 2004 and make people faster and stronger by scientific physiology-tests (lactic threshold, VO2max, energy cost, anaerobic tests etc) and massive background inquiries.

Aktivitus works with sportperformance in cycling, XC-skiing, Triathlon, running and Obstacle Course Racing. Aktivitus clients are by 95% recreational athletes participate in events like the Vatternrundan, Vasaloppet, Gran Fondos, Ironmans and half and full Marathons. More information about training and performance-testing at our website: www.aktivitus.se

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: What do the coloured areas overlapping the elevation profile mean?

Segments along the route are coloured along the height profile. Climbs are indicated with red, sprints with green and other segments (e.g. laps or timed segments) with blue.

FAQ: What do the climb categories , , , and mean?

Climbs are categorized based on how tough they are, which depends both on the climb's length and its average incline. The toughest climbs are rated (HC comes from Hors Catégorie, which is French for beyond categorization). Less tough climbs are rated as category , less tough climbs than those are rated as , and onwards with and . Any climb less tough than category four does not get a rating.