New York: Park Perimeter Reverse

9.76 km
126.1 m
Lead-in distance
0.24 km
Lead-in ascent
0 m
Level required
Event only?
0 m 50 m 100 m 150 m 200 m 0 km 2 km 3.9 km 5.9 km 7.8 km 9.8 km Central Park Loop 9.7 km NY Sprint 230 m

Segments on route

SegmentTypeDirectionDistance (on route)Average incline
Central Park LoopSegmentReverse9.7 km (0 - 9.8 km)-
NY SprintSprintReverse230 m (2.1 - 2.3 km)-

Upcoming group workouts on route

Park Perimeter Reverse
2020-08-04 12:3540m52
1.0-5.0 W/kg


Workout overview

Duration: 40m

Stress points: 52

Zone distribution

Z1: 9m

Z2: 5m

Z3: 8m

Z4: 12m

Z5: 7m

Z6: -


Author: Shayne Gaffney

This is a great workout to do on a consistent basis as it works on muscular strength and endurance! We'll also keep a focus of high torque during the burst efforts today.

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: What do the coloured areas overlapping the elevation profile mean?

Segments along the route are coloured along the height profile. Climbs are indicated with red, sprints with green and other segments (e.g. laps or timed segments) with blue.

FAQ: What do the climb categories , , , and mean?

Climbs are categorized based on how tough they are, which depends both on the climb's length and its average incline. The toughest climbs are rated (HC comes from Hors Cat├ęgorie, which is French for beyond categorization). Less tough climbs are rated as category , less tough climbs than those are rated as , and onwards with and . Any climb less tough than category four does not get a rating.