France: Ven-Top

20.75 km
1539.2 m
Lead-in distance
0.15 km
Lead-in ascent
0.1 m
Level required
Event only?
0 m 385.7 m 771.4 m 1157 m 1542.7 m 0 km 4.2 km 8.3 km 12.5 km 16.6 km 20.8 km Ventoux KOM 19 km, 8%

Segments on route

SegmentTypeDirectionDistance (on route)Average incline
Ventoux KOM / Ventoux QOMClimbForward19 km (1.7 - 20.6 km)8%

Upcoming group workouts on route

Team OxygenAddict Triathlon Power Hour #33
2020-09-29 18:151h64
1.0-5.0 W/kg

(**KEY** Bike) ZWIFT: Sweetspot 1551 Pyramid

Workout overview

Duration: 1h

Stress points: 64

Zone distribution

Z1: 17m

Z2: 11m

Z3: -

Z4: 32m

Z5: -

Z6: -


Author: Rob Wilby (via TrainingPeaks)

Warm up: (10 mins)
5 mins easy spin, gradually increase effort
3 mins as 30s faster effort, 30s easy recovery
2 mins very easy spin
- - - - -
Main set:(45 min)
1,2,3,4,5 min MOD-HARD effort, each off 1 minute easy spin (little ring) recovery. Efforts in aero position.
- - -
5 mins easy spin recovery
- - -
5,4,3,2,1 min MOD - HARD effort off 1 minute easy spin little ring recovery. Efforts in aero position.
- - - - -

- -
If you do not have a power meter, we recommend using a smart trainer / Wattbike if possible, or completing your sessions in Zwfit with zPower virtual power.
- - -
Heart rate only users:
Complete session with MOD-HARD efforts in upper HR zone 3.
- - -
Cool down:
Easy spin cool down for the rest of the session

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Frequently asked questions

FAQ: What do the coloured areas overlapping the elevation profile mean?

Segments along the route are coloured along the height profile. Climbs are indicated with red, sprints with green and other segments (e.g. laps or timed segments) with blue.

FAQ: What do the climb categories , , , and mean?

Climbs are categorized based on how tough they are, which depends both on the climb's length and its average incline. The toughest climbs are rated (HC comes from Hors Cat├ęgorie, which is French for beyond categorization). Less tough climbs are rated as category , less tough climbs than those are rated as , and onwards with and . Any climb less tough than category four does not get a rating.