Workout overview

Duration: 45m

Stress points: 34

Zone distribution

Z1: 11m

Z2: 25m

Z3: 6m

Z4: 2m

Z5: -

Z6: -


Author: Zee Kryder

ZEUS is designed to put you in the optimum fat burning level. It should be done with a firm, low cadence between 65-80. Zeus has a few lightning bolts thrown in to keep your heart rate up.
Warm-up: 5 min + 2 min free
Main Effort: 3 min ramp- up Level 1 grey to Level 2 Blue, 5 min Level 2 Blue, 3 min ramp-up Level 2 Blue
Repeat 3 Repetitions of 11 minute effort
Cool-down: 5 min free ride

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