Workout overview

Duration: 25m

Zone distribution

Z1: -

Z2: 6m

Z3: 5m

Z4: 15m

Z5: -

Z6: -


As we get more tired in running, typically one of the first things to deteriorate is running form. A great skill train is to maintain form at high running speed with some fatigue. This session is designed to help train this very skill. This is an ascending pace tempo session, which aims to progressively progress the pace every 3 minutes to just above the threshold pace. Efficient and fluid running is key during this session as you change pace from 95% to 101% of thresholds speed over 15 minutes, changing pace every 3 minutes.

For WHOOP users - This workout is ideally done on a Green Recovery day. This session looks easier on paper, than it is in reality. The continuous and progressive nature of this session results in a high strain score. If you aren’t well recovered, get some rest and come back to this workout on another day.

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