Workout overview

Duration: 25m

Zone distribution

Z1: 11m

Z2: 3m

Z3: 2m

Z4: 9m

Z5: -

Z6: -


Hello fellow Zwifter! Coach Terrence Mahon here with you on the eighth training session in our 2021 Zwift Academy Run Series. This is the final workout before your 5k race and it is definitely one of my favorites for getting an athlete to peak before their big day. I have used this workout for years with all of my Olympic athletes when it comes time to tune them up to go after their personal best. The session we have before you today is 3 x 3-minute intervals with a 2-minute recovery between reps. What makes this interval session unique is that we vary the paces throughout the program so that it best models how you run a championship level 5k. The first interval will be hard right from the start and then you will gradually settle into your pace. Interval 2 will be steady at 5k pace. Interval 3 will have a hard surge in the middle to wake the legs back up. All in all, this workout delivers everything you need to be successful in the 5k and it will teach you how to manage every kind of race scenario. Once you get through this session, you will have mastered everything you need to have a great 5k race.

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