Workout overview

Duration: 34m 45s

Stress points: 36

Zone distribution

Z1: 24m

Z2: 3m

Z3: 1m

Z4: -

Z5: 4m

Z6: 3m


The last workout will see you push the pain barrier to that last level as we do some higher aerobic intervals all above FTP. In the opening part of the workout we do some short 30 sec 'bursts' which will see you have 2 1/2min total in each block at 125% FTP, we will have two of these high intensity blocks in the first part of the workout. In the last part of the workout we continue to work at an effort above FTP but at a lesser level to previous, but we extend the duration of each effort with x3 2min intervals at 115%. A great way to push your limits and see your progress from the ZA workouts.

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