Workout overview

Duration: 1h 43m

Stress points: 104

Zone distribution

Z1: 49m

Z2: 11m

Z3: 5m

Z4: 21m

Z5: 12m

Z6: 6m


This session is designed to work your upper aerobic capacity, via 'pushing' up your FTP from below, 'pulling' it up from powers just above (around your 20 minute pace) and some short, sharp efforts at your maximal aerobic power (MAP) or the power you can sustain at your VO2max.  Start with a good warm up, you will need to ensure you are suitably prepared for this session as it is a tough one and will require you to dig deep, to complete.  The main intervals are as follows.  1 x 20 minute effort at a power Just below your FTP - Keep it controlled during this effort. You will be fresh for the first interval and might be the tempted to lift the power closer to/above your FTP. Refrain from doing so, as this will only fatigue you going into the final two thirds of the session.  3 x 4 minute efforts at powers just above your FTP, or your 10 mile Time Trial power - The recovery during the efforts are short, be strict on the recovery times, you will find the effort becomes progressively tougher around the mid-way point of the second interval.  5 x 1 minute efforts at your MAP (Maximal Aerobic Power) - This is the power that you can sustain at the limit of your aerobic capacity, or your VO2max. The effort should not be a sprint and you should aim to hold a smooth power throughout the minute. The 'recovery' intensities are designed to ensure that you keep on the power during the efforts, as with the Pulling intervals, this one will feel comfortable for the first one or two efforts but will start to bite!  Finish with a good warm down and rest up!

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