10min from 25 to 75% FTP4min @ 50% FTP1min @ 60rpm, 110% FTP4min @ 50% FTP1min @ 60rpm, 110% FTP4min @ 50% FTP1min @ 60rpm, 110% FTP4min @ 50% FTP1min @ 60rpm, 110% FTP4min @ 50% FTP1min @ 60rpm, 110% FTP4min @ 50% FTP1min @ 60rpm, 110% FTP5min from 50 to 25% FTP
Workout overview

Duration: 45m

Stress points: 35

Zone distribution

Z1: 36m

Z2: 3m

Z3: -

Z4: -

Z5: 6m

Z6: -


Author: Spokes Personal Coaching(TeamZF)

The Goal Of This Session is to develop muscular strength.
We have 6x Intervals designed to be completed at 60rpm in a seated position.

For more information and a 1:1 Truly Personal Coaching experience please visit https://spokes.fit/spokes-welcomes-teamzf-members/

Short term muscular endurance: Zone 6
This is the biggest difference in terminology between the British Cycling (BC) and TrainingPeaks (TP) methodology.
Short Term Muscular Endurance (STME) as part of the BC method refers to a very brief period of time where you sustain a higher amount of power.
The TP method suggests this is a higher aerobic endurance. If you use FTP to set your zones, you might consider this Sweet-Spot (SS) training.
For me, STME would be your zone 6 area. The top end would be the most you could sustain for three minutes, although not much else would happen immediately after! Then below that,
you’d drop intensity and sustain the effort for longer.

You will be in this zone for any hill climb time trials or if you are breaking away or bridging a gap you’ll probably start in this zone before settling into one below.
To train this you’ll use intervals; you could do hill reps, jumps (very hard but short sprint-like efforts to build explosive power) or attack intervals (more sustained,
maybe three minutes but at a very high intensity), which is where you may be thinking about how you will break away in a road race—an incredibly intense effort with the aim of getting a gap,
and so on. Make it specific to your event. Add in plenty of recovery in between each interval so that they are all completed well.

The point at which your performance drops so much that it is no longer worth continuing is often a point for discussion, I’d go with 10%,
so if you’re aiming for 300 watts then when 270 becomes impossible you could call it a day and focus on being recovered for your next session.
Some exceptions to this might be where you are looking to force your body to respond better under fatigue, such as during a last minute breakaway effort.

About the workout designer: Pav Bryan 6+ Years of Professional Coaching
Bikes Etc Magazines Cycling Guru. Director and Head Coach at Spokes Personal Coaching and Nutritionally Fit.
Team Manager at Spokes personal coaching Cycling Team. Pioneer of Truly Personal Coaching and Truly Personal Nutrition.
Responsible for a team of five coaches, Pav is a well-respected coach within the cycling community.
Pav is experienced in public speaking and has presented numerous times around the world including being the 1066 Cycling Festivals Guest Speaker.

Copyright of TeamZF

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