Workout overview

Duration: 40m

Stress points: 43

Zone distribution

Z1: 21m

Z2: 4m

Z3: 2m

Z4: 10m

Z5: -

Z6: 3m


Author: Direct Power Coaching (Zwift Fitness)

The Goal Of This Session: is to improve your short term muscular endurance (power output over a short period of time - such as prologue of short time trial)

10 min WU

3x 1 minute explosive efforts, sustaining 120% for each minute, RPM will be equal to or slightly above your last FTP test and take 3 minutes of easy spinning to recover, with a further 3 minutes after the third interval

10 minutes at 93% of FTP, again RPM needs to be equal to or higher than your average from last FTP test

5 min CD

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