Workout overview

Duration: 40m

Stress points: 18

Zone distribution

Z1: 29m

Z2: 11m

Z3: -

Z4: -

Z5: -

Z6: -


Author: Direct Power Coaching (Zwift Fitness)

The Goal Of This Session: is to increase your leg speed and increase your efficiency

This session should be under geared so it is more about leg speed (cadence) than power so get your legs spinning with little resistance.

10min WU
15 sec max 45 sec easy
30 sec max 30 sec easy
45 sec max 15 sec easy
60 sec max 60 sec easy
45 sec max 15 sec easy
30 sec max 30 sec easy
15 sec max 45 sec easy
9min CD

Cadence is the rate at which a cyclist pedals. It’s the number of pedal revolutions per minute (RPMs).
If you increase and train your cadence, you’ll improve your cycling efficiency, allowing you to pedal for longer, faster.
When you pedal faster, you put less strain (i.e. force) on your muscles with each stroke. You ride in a lower gear, and as a result, use your slow-twitch muscles.
These muscles burn fat for fuel, are resistant to fatigue, and recover quickly when allowed to rest. Also,
studies show a higher cadence means an increase in blood flow to the muscles – which in turn, means more oxygen in the blood and a higher aerobic performance.

Here's a guide on pedalling technique:

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