Workout overview

Duration: 50m

Stress points: 53

Zone distribution

Z1: 21m

Z2: 5m

Z3: -

Z4: 25m

Z5: -

Z6: -


Author: Direct Power Coaching (Zwift Fitness)

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop sustainable power or race pace

10min WU
2x 10min Z4 Efforts
1x 5min Z4 Effort
2x 5min Recovery Blocks
5min CD

The Sweet Spot power zone, which we define as 84% to 95% of FTP, is not named by mistake. This type of work achieves more positive physiological adaptations due to its repeatability
at such a particular balance of intensity and volume. Compared to training in other power zones, you can prompt more meaningful and sustainable adaptations by continually working
in this particular balance. Training in certain power zones means different things for your cycling fitness, and sub-threshold Sweet Spot work is specifically aimed at improving your ability to resist
fatigue at reasonably high power outputs over substantial lengths of time this has effects on nearly all other aspects of your performance.

Sweet Spot training strengthens an athlete’s varied abilities to translate into a higher FTP and stronger aerobic engine.
By training at this particular intensity, athletes are able to bring together the various ways they build strength in an efficient and impactful way.

Heres a little DPC guide on motivation and positive mental attitude, this should help get you through these types of sessions:

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