Workout overview

Duration: 1h 15m

Stress points: 84

Zone distribution

Z1: 26m

Z2: 5m

Z3: 15m

Z4: 30m

Z5: -

Z6: -


Author: Direct Power Coaching (Zwift Fitness)

The Goal Of This Session: is to develop sustainable power or race pace

10min WU
3x 4/5/6min Z3
3x 4/5/6min Z4
3x 4/5/6min Z4
2x 5/10min Recovery
5min CD

The greater your muscle endurance, the less fatigue you will experience towards the end of a long race and the more intensity you can handle while training.
Early season base training is a good conditioning phase with increasing volume and a mix of lower to moderate intensity days.
As you transition to late base season training, incorporating more moderate intensity days, while challenging yourself with power,
will help you target specific aerobic adaptations and lead to greater aerobic leg strength and muscular endurance.
Here's a little DPC guide on motivation and positive mental attitude, this should help get you through these types of sessions:

Length: 75 Minutes

Pav Bryan, Bikes Etc Magazines Cycling Guru. Director and Head Coach at Direct Power Coaching and Nutritionally Fit.
Team Manager at Direct Power Cycling Team. Pioneer of Truly Personal Coaching and Truly Personal Nutrition.
Pav has over 6 years Cycling Coaching and is responsible for a team of five coaches, Pav is a well-respected coach within the cycling community.
Pav is experienced in public speaking and has presented numerous times around the world including being the 1066 Cycling Festivals Guest Speaker.
Pav loves donating his time to his local British Cycling Go-Ride club and nurturing the future of the sport.
Pioneering the Truly Personal Coaching philosophy has seen his popularity among amateur athletes sore.

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