Workout overview

Duration: 54m

Stress points: 77

Zone distribution

Z1: 32m

Z2: 8m

Z3: -

Z4: 12m

Z5: -

Z6: 2m


Author: Direct Power Coaching (Zwift Fitness)

The Goal Of This Session: is to improve your short term muscular endurance simulating a solo breakaway.

Initiating a successful solo breakaway is most of the hardest tasks in bike racing. Its also one of the most rewarding
so it makes sense to do some specific training to increase your chances of getting away and staying away.

A solo attack requires a near maximal effort the get the initial gap, then several minutes around threshold to extend the lead.

10min WU 
5min Z2
4x 30sec Z6
3x 3min Z4
10min CD

Check out my Ultimate Recovery Guide, the most important part of training but very apt for strength training:
Stretching and foam roller guide:(

Length: 54 Minutes

Pav Bryan, Bikes Etc Magazines Cycling Guru. Director and Head Coach at Direct Power Coaching and Nutritionally Fit.
Team Manager at Direct Power Cycling Team. Pioneer of Truly Personal Coaching and Truly Personal Nutrition.
Pav has over 6 years Cycling Coaching and is responsible for a team of five coaches, Pav is a well-respected coach within the cycling community.
Pav is experienced in public speaking and has presented numerous times around the world including being the 1066 Cycling Festivals Guest Speaker.
Pav loves donating his time to his local British Cycling Go-Ride club and nurturing the future of the sport.
Pioneering the Truly Personal Coaching philosophy has seen his popularity among amateur athletes sore.

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