Workout of the Week

As the name suggests, the Workout of the Week are workouts available in Zwift for a limited time of one week only (including some additional overlap to account for time zones), after which a fresh new workout becomes available.

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Workout overview

Duration: 29m 45s

Stress points: 33

Zone distribution

Z1: 8m

Z2: 3m

Z3: 14m

Z4: 2m

Z5: 2m

Z6: 1m


Progressive Sprints for Pride Riders! Building up stronger and shorter intervals, this workout will help you gain strength, technique and concentration for short sprints, to help you improve the techniques needed to catch up to a group or make an escape in a race. It's a progressive workout, composed of three main intervals with shorter and stronger sprints each rep, but with less recovery time. So, pump up the volume and Pride On!

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