Workout of the Week

As the name suggests, the Workout of the Week are workouts available in Zwift for a limited time of one week only (including some additional overlap to account for time zones), after which a fresh new workout becomes available.

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Workout overview

Duration: 30m

Stress points: 39

Zone distribution

Z1: 8m

Z2: 3m

Z3: 13m

Z4: -

Z5: 7m

Z6: 1m


The lighter Purple Unicorn workout featuring sweet spot over/unders, and a finish to remember! Training at sweet spot intensity - which is typically defined as 84-97% of your FTP - has many benefits. These include improved muscular endurance, aerobic capacity, improved FTP, and by doing them in an over/under interval fashion, also an improved ability to respond to changes in pace. You will feel legendary after completing this workout, like the majestic unicorn.

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