Workout of the Week

As the name suggests, the Workout of the Week are workouts available in Zwift for a limited time of one week only (including some additional overlap to account for time zones), after which a fresh new workout becomes available.

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Workout overview

Duration: 44m 30s

Stress points: 51

Zone distribution

Z1: 14m

Z2: 6m

Z3: 12m

Z4: 10m

Z5: 3m

Z6: -


Today's workout features 3 sets of progressive intervals. Tanja says "My FTP Workout is kind of the evergreen of workouts. Almost every minute is filled with a specific plan which makes time fly. It's intense, but not a killer workout. This is my go-to FTP Booster for winter prep, in-between race weeks or mid season break built-up."

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