10min from 65 to 80% of 10k pace2x 1min @ 70% of 10k pace,
30sec @ 105% of 10k pace
1min @ 70% of 10k pace15x 1min @ 90% of 10k pace,
1min @ 70% of 10k pace
6min from 70 to 65% of 10k pace
Workout overview

Duration: 50m

Zone distribution

Z1: -

Z2: 31m

Z3: 3m

Z4: 15m

Z5: 1m

Z6: -


What you think just because you've tackled the other Norseman Workouts that you have this in the bag?
You've made it this far, hop over the wooden fence and start the run, hike and scramble to the top of the mountain. Unless you are in the lead take the time to look around you, the views are epic, the valleys, fjords and plateaus stretch for miles below you. At the top there will be a small crowd and a large dose of satisfaction. Look around, take it all in and enjoy the moment. The chances are 50-50 the mountain train will be broken and you will have to walk back down.
This run workout builds upon the Zombie Hill run and takes it to the next level. It starts with a 10 minute progressive warm up followed by two 30 second strides to get the heart rate up and the legs prepped. The main set is where things start to change. We've got on deck 15x1 minute hill reps which will break into segments of 3 and build in gradient with each block of three. You are going to feel those final 3 reps!
In-game messaging will direct your treadmill incline changes. Between each 1min hill rep, we will be kind enough to give you 1min of rest, just don’t forget there’s no resting on race day. At the conclusion of the main set we will warm down with 6 minutes of decreasing effort.
Think you have what it takes? Check out all of the Norseman Run and Bike workouts to help you prepare for the Norseman Festival of Climbing July 27th - August 2nd.

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