Workout overview

Distance: 2.64 km

Zone distribution

Z1: 1278 m

Z2: 2 m

Z3: 1200 m

Z4: 0 m

Z5: 0 m

Z6: 160 m


Author: Training Tilt

Tabata principles can be applied to virtually any kind of workout. To aid your running performance this is a great time efficient workout.

Warm up well with drills and mobilisation (see video)
10 mins Run Z2 then
20sec maximum effort sprint
10sec rest
Repeat for eight rounds
10 mins Z2 run
Warm down and stretch/foam roller (see video)

This amounts to around four minutes of total work time, but don't let the short duration deceive you. This method is a killer. Perform it correctly and you will be completely gassed by the last round – but keep at it and your fitness levels will soar.

If you're new to Tabata, you might want to perform your max effort sprints on a track or other flat surface. When you improve, progress to hills or sand dunes.

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