Workout overview

Duration: 47m 30s

Stress points: 118

Zone distribution

Z1: -

Z2: -

Z3: -

Z4: 1m

Z5: 16m

Z6: 30m


Author: Karen Parnell

Hill Reps - Power
Take your power to the hills and run in (Z5) to improve your neuromuscular capabilities, mechanics, and running economy.

Warm up
2.00 mi @ 104-128 W
Zone 2-3
Warm up easy in (Z1) for as long as you feel necessary. Complete any drills that you feel best help you prepare for a hard effort.
Repeat 15 times

10 sec @ 184-208 W
Zone 5-6
Focus on keeping your form relaxed while powering up the hill.

1 min @ 104-128 W
Zone 2-3
Jog/walk back down between each run (or as much time as you need) between each rep. The goal is to maintain the same power output for each repetition. On the treadmill put to maximum incline

Cool Down
2.00 mi @ 104-128 W
Zone 2-3
Cool down at an easy pace in (Z1). Run as long as you need and complete any drills you feel will help you recover from a hard effort.

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