Workout overview

Duration: 57m 15s

Stress points: 74

Zone distribution

Z1: 15m

Z2: 10m

Z3: 7m

Z4: 17m

Z5: 6m

Z6: 3m


Author: Shayne Gaffney | GC Coaching

GC Coaching's Spaded Sweetie starts off with a 15 minute warm up to prime the engines and ready mind. Then, we move into a spade interval set starting off very hard, but short, and gradually reducing the intensity while upping the time...Only to go back up again! From there, we will move into a progressive over/under sweet spot interva;;l featuring changes in cadence and intensity that culminates in a 1 minute FULL GAS effort! This is a tough workout, but feautures a lot of quality time at VO2 and Threshold and excellent training stress, all in an hour! You can do it!

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