Workout overview

Duration: 1h 42m

Stress points: 102

Zone distribution

Z1: 24m

Z2: 39m

Z3: 21m

Z4: 17m

Z5: 1m

Z6: -


Author: Shayne Gaffney | GC Coaching

-20 minutes gradually progressing from Active Recovery zone to Threshold zone.
-3x 1 minute Spin Ups (110+ RPM) @Threshold zone+, 1 minute easy.
-We are working on your pedaling mechanics and basic skills here. These drills will help make you a more efficient rider, pedal with less wasted energy, and gain some "free" speed as you will be better able to put power through the entire pedal stroke instead of just the push down and pull up phases as most riders do. Imagine pedaling in circles rather than having 2 pistons for legs.
-Single Leg Drill - Unclip 1 leg and rest it on the trainer or let it hang off to the side. Continue to pedal with the 1 leg clipped in for 30 seconds. Really work on pedaling with no dead spots in the pedal stroke and maintaining the same cadence you had with 2 feet. After 30 seconds, clip both feet in and then unclip the opposite side performing 30 seconds on that leg. Perform 4 times each leg.
-Spin-ups - Really easy gear here. Spin your legs as fast as you can (ideally 110+ cadence) without your bum bouncing in the saddle or lurching back and forth. Strong core and bum planted! 30 seconds spin-ups, 30 seconds rest, 4 times.
-60 minutes ranging from 75% FTP to 90% FTP.
-We are really going to target that aerobic engine today, be prepared with lots of fluids and fans!
-10 minutes gradually reducing from Endurance zone to Active Recovery zone

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