8min free ride1min @ 85rpm, 50W1min @ 85rpm, 60W1min @ 85rpm, 70W1min @ 85rpm, 80W1min @ 85rpm, 90W1min @ 85rpm, 100W1min @ 85rpm, 110W1min @ 85rpm, 120W1min @ 85rpm, 130W1min @ 85rpm, 140W1min @ 85rpm, 150W1min @ 85rpm, 160W1min @ 85rpm, 170W1min @ 85rpm, 180W1min @ 85rpm, 190W1min @ 85rpm, 200W1min @ 85rpm, 210W1min @ 85rpm, 220W1min @ 85rpm, 230W1min @ 85rpm, 240W1min @ 85rpm, 250W10min from 75 to 70W
Workout overview

Duration: 39m

Zone distribution

Z1: 1m

Z2: 12m

Z3: 9m

Z4: 2m

Z5: 1m

Z6: 14m


Want to test your limits? The Ramp Test Lite is for you. This test version of the Ramp Test ramps up the power every minute until you find your breaking point. It's designed to quickly identify the upper limit of your aerobic capacity and estimate your FTP (functional threshold power). The ramp portion will ideally take 3-5 minutes to complete. It should feel easy at first, but then get very hard very fast. Stay seated, keep a steady cadence, and keep ramping up until you simply can't go any longer.

Note that this test is designed for lighter riders or beginners. For more experienced and/or heavier riders, try the Ramp Test, which starts at a higher wattage and uses larger increments to cover a higher range on the power spectrum.

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  • FTP Test

    1h 13m | 67 SP

  • FTP Test (shorter)

    45m | 48 SP

  • Ramp Test

    43m | 1172 SP

  • Ramp Test Lite

    39m | 154 SP

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