Workout overview

Duration: 1h

Stress points: 77

Zone distribution

Z1: 13m

Z2: 13m

Z3: 17m

Z4: 4m

Z5: 12m

Z6: 1m


Author: Franklin Bespoke

Welcome to Week 4 and well done for getting this far. This week we will look to mix it up a little, first with a Race Sim then we have some endurance intervals and we will end the week with some sprints.

So here we go - you are on the pier waiting for the race to go off. You have one lap of the Figure8 to tackle and this race sim should put you in the same physical and mental space as a race. Whilst we are looking to make you a stronger rider we are also looking to develop the mind. If you complete this workout then you have that effort mentally stored for the next time you race on the figrure8 course and you can draw from it.

Have plenty of Go Juice and Enjoy it!

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