Workout overview

Duration: 1h

Stress points: 72

Zone distribution

Z1: 10m

Z2: 25m

Z3: 12m

Z4: 4m

Z5: 6m

Z6: 3m


Author: T.Fulford CyclingHub

Welcome to this Workout of the day - We are taking on the extended sprints and counter attacks. It is important that you set your FTP correctly as it will affect the effectiveness of this workout.

We start with a warm up and then straigh into the sprint extensions, this means that there will be more than one segment over FTP for you to deal with. Nothing to worry about, just engage the legs isolate the pain and get to the end. After the extended sprints we change the variation to counter attacks. So you are at racing speed and someone goes off the front - you have to react, this workout should help with that. We of course end with an active warm down.

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