Workout overview

Duration: 50m

Stress points: 38

Zone distribution

Z1: 32m

Z2: 5m

Z3: 1m

Z4: 11m

Z5: 1m

Z6: -


This session aims to replicate the demands of a mountain bike ride / event.

Mountain biking generally involves far more variations in effort compared with road riding - so plenty of surges and time spent being over geared! We also spend a lot of time 'on and off' the power, so short spells going hard to get over an obstacle, followed by a freewheel or very low power on a descent or little dip.

We touch upon all of these aspects in todays session, as we start off alternating every 30 seconds between riding hard at a low cadence, and riding easy - as if we are riding through an undulating single track. Then we make a ramp in effort, which finishes with a 30 second near max effort up a steep, rocky banking!

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