Workout overview

Duration: 1h 1m

Stress points: 51

Zone distribution

Z1: 27m

Z2: 15m

Z3: 16m

Z4: 3m

Z5: 1m

Z6: -


Welcome to another session of the Dirt Destroyer, which contains two ramped efforts, at a low cadence. Each ramp starts at 65% of your FTP and ramps up, so get ready to grit your teeth a little towards the end of each ramp. This session progresses a little from last week, as the cadence is slightly lower, so the session is harder!

The low cadence provides a strength element to the session, which is fundamental to mountain biking. Just think about all the times you are caught at a low speed, having to get over a rocky or muddy section, which really draws upon your strength.

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