Workout overview

Duration: 58m

Stress points: 65

Zone distribution

Z1: 25m

Z2: 2m

Z3: 22m

Z4: -

Z5: 6m

Z6: 3m


Author: Dig Deep Coaching

Stage 4: Your Role - LEAD OUT MAN.

Today will start as a steady tempo within the peloton as you conserve energy for the last 20km.
As the race approaches the final, yuo start to make efforts to keep your team sprinter out of the wind and close to the front.
On the approach to the last 4km, you start doing big 1min turns with your teammates as you power along the front of the bunch keeping pace high.
You finish off your job with a large 1min powerful effort dropping your sprinter off with 300m to go. Job well done.

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