Workout overview

Duration: 1h 19m

Stress points: 100

Zone distribution

Z1: 22m

Z2: -

Z3: 30m

Z4: 26m

Z5: -

Z6: 2m


Author: Dig Deep Coaching

Stage 17: Your Role - CLIMBER

Today is one of the shortest stages in TDF history with only 65km to be raced. But it is by far easy, with some massive climbs to cover it means it will be an intensive stage. For us, it will be the same.
We have looked at Michael Valgren power data and strava times on the last two climbs of Col de Val Louron-Azet and Col de Portet. We have used the 70% rule again by taking his times and replicating this effort duration to 70%

Because you are a climber and on the attack today, the penultimate climb is the perfect place to make the move on others so you need to dig deep early on this climb This climb will be a total of 16min in length but it will be intensive. The final climb is a long climb, with the Strava PB on it held by Steven Kruijswijk in a time of 1hr 3min, this is going to be a long effort. We start the hill at a steady tempo and gradually ramp up to a top end Threshold effort in the last 10min of the climb. Be ready to use every ounce of energy at the top of the long hill to ride to your hill top victory.

Enjoy your day in the mountains.

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