Workout overview

Duration: 1h 14m

Stress points: 89

Zone distribution

Z1: 30m

Z2: -

Z3: 15m

Z4: 26m

Z5: 2m

Z6: 2m


Author: Dig Deep Coaching

Stage 16: Your Role - GC RIDER

Today is the first day in the Pyrenees so we have a number of big climbs all coming at the end of the race. With you being a GC rider you will be keeping the pace at a sustained effort with little big jumps in effort. You need to save this for later in the race. But today won't be easy.

We kick off with the Col de Mente which takes us 23min to cover. The lead Strava time on this is just over 33min. Once we have a good recovery period we hit the big climb at the end, Col du Portillon. Team Sky rider Kenny Elissonde in a time of 24:43min, we will do 70% of that time which takes us 17min. All is done at a pretty consistent pace as we stay in contention all day.

The finish is on the flat so a short decent off the climbs before a short and fast few minutes run into the finish.

Welcome to the Pyrenees

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