Workout overview

Duration: 1h 15m

Stress points: 98

Zone distribution

Z1: 24m

Z2: 2m

Z3: 19m

Z4: 27m

Z5: -

Z6: 4m


Author: Dig Deep Coaching

Stage 15: Your Role - EARLY BREAK

Today is a perfect day for an early break to get away and keep to the finish. With some hard climbs coming early and a long Cat 1 climb at the end before a flat finish, it is a perfect day for an early break to stay to the finish.

Today, we go full gas at the start with a big attack just before the first cat 3 of the day. One we get onto the first climb of Cote de Luzencon which is a 7min Threshold effort. We then settle into some through and off riding taking turns riding at the front with you fellow escapees. At the end we hit the big cat 1 climb of Pic de Nore. This is a 12km climb and we have taken 70% of the fastest Strava segment time, which is 36min done by Professional rider Lilian Calmejane. We do a solid 25min effort with a hard attack in the middle of the climb to make sure we are with a small group by the end of the stage.

The finish of the race is on the flat and we expect it to be a small group sprint so be ready for that last punch to the line.

Today is a real hard day out so be prepared for solid riding right from the gun.

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