Workout overview

Duration: 59m 30s

Stress points: 75

Zone distribution

Z1: 24m

Z2: 5m

Z3: 9m

Z4: 17m

Z5: 3m

Z6: 2m


Author: Dig Deep Coaching

Stage 14: Your Role - CLIMBER

Today has a really hard finish with the Cote de la Croix Nieuve summt just a few kilometers from the stage finish. Before we hit the finish we go over some hilly terrain, we have mimicked the Col de Croix Berthel which you will do early on the stage.

The climbs today are done by looking at Strava times from some of the fastest riders. We have taken 70% of the fastest time for the Col de Croix Berthel and on the Cote de la Croix Nieuve we looked at Anthony Perez data from a his time racing over this climb last September. We have mimicked his exact effort on the last climb and then finished it off with a sprint after a short descent and onto the flat finish.

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