Workout overview

Duration: 43m 35s

Stress points: 52

Zone distribution

Z1: 16m

Z2: 10m

Z3: 13m

Z4: 1m

Z5: -

Z6: 4m


Author: Dig Deep Coaching

Stage 13: Your Role - SPRINTER

You will glad to know that today is a flat day, no high mountains today. We will flight it out in a bunch sprint as you lead your team in a bunch sprint. The day will start at a steady pace as you recover from a hard past 3 days, but the pace ramps up at the end. You will be in the thick of the action at the end as your team drops you off in the perfect position to sprint at end of the day.
Slightly uphill finish so leg speed will not be as high as before, but you will still need that big power to hit out at the end.

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