Workout overview

Duration: 43m

Stress points: 41

Zone distribution

Z1: 17m

Z2: 6m

Z3: 20m

Z4: 1m

Z5: -

Z6: -


Today's workout is about gaining strength, you will spend much of your time in Zone 3, TEMPO, 85% of your FTP - however you want to look at it. During today's workout it is important to be aware of your RPM's - focus on being between 60-65. If you have knee or back issues increase this to 60-70 RPM's. Keep smooth pedal strokes, no rocking of the hips or mashing from left to right pedal :) At the end of the 5 minutes we will be increasing our cadence and power as much as we can for :15 seconds. You will want to shift up one or two cogs - feeling the torque but able to ramp it up within the :30 seconds.

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