Workout overview

Distance: 10 km

Zone distribution

Z1: 68 m

Z2: 4732 m

Z3: 5200 m

Z4: 0 m

Z5: 0 m

Z6: 0 m


Hill repeats are really speed work in disguise. Hills are a great way to build speed and power on tired legs. The power required to run up a hill is the same as to run fast, but the leg speed can be lower. A grade of about 6-8% is ideal, but you can play with speed and gradient to keep the workout interesting. Longer hills like this challenge your ability to maintain power and - especially form - as you get tired. In the second half of each climb, make sure you keep your shoulders back and your chin up.

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  • 2mi Threshold

    10.4 km | 187 SP

  • Easy

    6.4 km | 101 SP

  • Fast Quarters

    6.4 km | 134 SP

  • Long Hills

    10 km | 184 SP

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