Workout overview

Distance: 8.4 km

Zone distribution

Z1: 68 m

Z2: 1132 m

Z3: 7200 m

Z4: 0 m

Z5: 0 m

Z6: 0 m


"Fartlek" - Swedish for speed-play - runs are designed to inject additional stimulus into what is otherwise a base or endurance run. These short bursts of speed help teach your body to recover while still maintaining a strong pace. The key with a fartlek run is that you surge from a solid endurance pace and then return right back to that pace. You should not need to slow down below your base pace to recover. Consistent fast running is a key part of building the sort of anaerobic capacity and power you will need to smash your 5K PR.

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  • Easy

    4 km | 58 SP

  • Long Fartlek

    8.4 km | 140 SP

  • Short Hills

    6.2 km | 111 SP

  • Steady Base High

    8.4 km | 163 SP

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