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Note: See the FAQ's on the bottom of this page for more info.

Mark Allen Coaching
Makuri Islands: Two Village Loop
2021-09-29 01:001h64
Tower 26 Group Workout
Watopia: Jungle Circuit
2021-09-29 01:15-76
InnerFight Endurance - Walker Wednesday
France: Ven-Top
2021-09-29 02:001h72
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 02:1055m59
Lactate Shuttle
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 04:1057m70
Macro to Micro
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 05:0059m77
Orange Unicorn
France: Douce France
2021-09-29 05:5051m58
Le Col Workout Sessions Wednesday Kickstart
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 06:10-54
Workout Wednesday Run
Watopia: Chili Pepper
2021-09-29 06:30--
Giant Camden Autumn Sessions
London: Classique
2021-09-29 06:301h55
PACK Run Hill Training: Bologna TT
Bologna TT: Bologna Time Trial
2021-09-29 07:30--
Spaded Sweetie
France: Douce France
2021-09-29 07:3044m74
Workout Wednesday Run
Watopia: Chili Pepper
2021-09-29 08:30--
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 08:3040m52
RT Performance Sweet Spot Attack Wednesday Group Workout
Watopia: Figure 8
2021-09-29 09:001h66
The Grind Finale
France: Douce France
2021-09-29 09:5049m37
Team I Race Like A Girl Workout
Watopia: Figure 8
2021-09-29 10:05-88
Workout Wednesday Run
Watopia: Chili Pepper
2021-09-29 10:30--
Uphill Battle
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 10:5056m69
USAT Social Fun Run
Watopia: Two Bridges Loop
2021-09-29 11:1545m-
VO2 Max -3 Minute
France: Douce France
2021-09-29 11:3055m63
VO2 Max 40/20
France: Douce France
2021-09-29 12:1548m53
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 12:4051m63
Tower 26 Group Run Workout
Watopia: May Field
2021-09-29 12:45--
Anaerobic Capacity into VO2
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 13:2052m81
Workout Wednesday Run
Watopia: Chili Pepper
2021-09-29 13:30--
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 14:2052m61
France: Douce France
2021-09-29 15:2052m61
France: R.G.V.
2021-09-29 16:2555m59
Workout Wednesday Run
Watopia: Chili Pepper
2021-09-29 16:30--

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: How do I join a group workout event?

In Zwift, before pressing the 'ride' button, you have the possibility to enroll in scheduled events. After doing this, you can ride as normal. A few minutes before the start of the event, your avatar will automatically be placed in the starting area for the event, together with all other enrolled riders, after which the event will start at the planned time.

FAQ: What do groups , , , and stand for, and which group should I be in?

Events are categorized into different groups. Groups (4.0+ W/kg) , (3.2-3.9 W/kg), (2.5-3.1 W/kg) and (1.0-2.4 W/kg) are different levels based on the rider's ability. The categorization is based on the ratio of the rider's functional threshold power (FTP) in watts (W) per body mass in kg. The strongest riders are in group , the next strongest in , etc.

Events can be organized for one group or for multiple groups (possibly each having their own event start time, distance, duration, intensity and/or other specific settings).

Group (open W/kg) is open for all riders, meaning that there are no restrictions on the rider's abilities. This category is common for group workouts.

Note 1: In group workouts all riders are kept together in a single peloton, no matter what their power output is.
Note 2: There are some group workout events where different workouts are used per category. In those cases the W/kg does not really matter, as the peloton will still be kept together for each category's group workout, but it gives participants the chance to choose which group workout in the event to join.

FAQ: How do I download a group workout to do it myself at another time?

We have considered making group workouts available for download. However, we would need permission from each event's organizer to let people download their workout. It would be unfair to just share their work, after they put in the effort of creating the workout and organizing/leading the event. Therefore, we have not made group workouts available for download. However, there are many other great workouts available on the site (including some workouts originating from events too, shared by their makers!).

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