Convert workout files between ZWO, ERG, MRC and FIT file formats

Do you have a workout, but it is in the wrong format? You do not need to recreate it manually in the desired format. Using the converter below you can convert workouts between .zwo, .mrc, .erg and .fit file formats.
Note: also see our GPX to ZWO converter to convert recorded workouts to a Zwift workout .zwo file.

Workout file converter (beta)

Follow these easy steps to convert your workout files.
Before using the converter, please first read FAQ: Can I convert workouts that I did not create myself?

Step 1: Select workout files to convert
Note: Currently only power-based bike workouts of file type .zwo, .mrc, .erg and .fit are supported.
Step 2: Select output format and (only when needed) FTP value(s)
Convert to:
FAQ: When do I need to enter an FTP value when converting files and why?

Step 3:

Frequently asked questions

FAQ: An error occurred during conversion, what should I do?

Although the converter has been tested on a selection of workout files and formats, it is still in beta and an error could occur during conversion. If an errors occurs for a workout that you are trying to convert, feel free to send the workout file to us at [email protected] so we can try to reproduce the error and improve the converter.

FAQ: What kind of workouts and which file types are supported?

Currently only power-based bike workouts of file type .zwo, .mrc, .erg and .fit are supported.

FAQ: Why does my .fit file give an error upon conversion?

The workout converter only supports workout 'recipe' .fit files, not recorded workouts. To convert a recorded workout to a Zwift workout .zwo file it is possible to use our GPX to ZWO converter where you can use a .gpx file of the recorded workout (instead of the .fit file), which typically can be exported from Garmin, Strava, etc.

FAQ: When do I need to enter an FTP value when converting files and why?

ZWO and MRC workout file formats are based on relative power (power relative to FTP) and they will therefore be adjusted based on the user's FTP by the software in which the workout is being used. The ERG and FIT file formats on the other hand are written in watts. This means that in order to convert from the FIT file format, an FTP value needs to be entered (the ERG file format has the used FTP value stored within the file). It also means that in order to convert to the ERG or FIT file format, the target FTP to be used when creating the ERG or FIT file is required to be entered.

FAQ: Can I convert a file to its own format?

Yes, although strictly speaking this may not be a conversion. However, it can be useful in case of ERG or FIT files. ERG and FIT files are written using wattages (not relative power), so by converting them using a new FTP value the wattage values in the workout will be updated.

FAQ: Is all data from the files converted?

Not every workout file format supports the same features. The workout converter will try to convert as much data as possible between the file formats. This does not only include power levels and durations, but also text messages, author, title, description, etc. when possible.